Our story

Who we are?

We are a company that offers luxurious vacation packages in the most beautiful places on Earth. We create unique tailored packages for you and your travel companions based on our experience. We handle all the paperwork for you in order to make your vacation as fun and relaxing as possible.

Our agents have the gretest expertise from working with celebrities across the Globe. We have access to exclusive deals that fit all you needs. Just like you, our consultans share the same passion for travelling, that makes the most valuable asset for a travel advisor!

Our mission is to design the best vacation for each of our customer, All the wishes to become true! All the craving to be pleased! Your experience never to be forgotten!


From small....

We started from a small rented office, where initially worked only the four friends that layed the foundation for the company.

As time passed by and the company was prooving to be successul new members joined the team and quickly the space became crowded and we needed a bigger office!

To big!

Here we are now! This is the Headquartes building where more that 600 members are working. Either they are in a meeting with a next client, or travelling to find more destinations, or maybe filling the paperwork for another client's vacation. All share the same passion, Traveling in style!

We also have houdreds small offices all around the world to find the Best Destination for your next Best Vacation!